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About Kerri King
Senior Food Technologist Consultant

Kerri King is Food Tech Solutions’ Senior Food Technologist Consultant with over 22 years experience in food technology food consulting and food safety.

Representing leading brands and food companies, she has developed strong technological skills that will help food businesses of all sizes develop a food safety strategy that  innovative and effective.

Kerri can help you with all aspects of your food development, from food technology research and product development through to packaging and quality assurance.

Looking for a food technologist in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast? FoodTech Solutions performs consultancy work Australia-wide, with close proximity to Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Providing solutions to customers in Brisbane and Australia-wide is easily solved without the need to be in close proximity to the production location.

Kerri can help you with all of you food technology needs.
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Education & Training

food-tech-icon Master of Applied Science – 100% research based thesis based on oil oxidation (product deterioration).

food-tech-icon Bachelor of Business – International Business in Asia; Language Specialisation: Mandarin

food-tech-icon Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Technology) 

food-tech-icon Graduate Diploma

food-tech-icon Applied Business Research – Tutored at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Statistics (Business faculty) part-time.

food-tech-icon Certificate in International Law – USA Food Law completed


food-tech-icon 2011 to Current – Senior Food Technologist
Food Tech Solutions

food-tech-icon 2009-2010 – Innovation Manager (P-T)
Country Chef

food-tech-icon 2009-2011 – Innovation Manager (P-T)
Pressure Fresh Australia

food-tech-icon 2001-2009 – Research, Development & Technical Services Manager
Botanical Food Company

food-tech-icon 1994-2001 – Food Technologist
Heat and Control

food-tech-icon1992-1994 – Technical Services Officer
The Smith’s Snackfood Company

Food Tech Presentations & Seminars

food-tech-icon Processing Technology, Dry Pea and Lentil Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 2000

food-tech-icon Indian Ethnic Foods, Chemtech Conference, Mumbai, India, 2000

food-tech-icon Frying Technology, Dry Pea and Lentil Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, 2000

food-tech-icon Value Adding Food Products, Customer Seminars, Manila. Philippines, 2000

food-tech-icon Value Adding Cassava, World Food Congress, Sydney, Australia, 2000

food-tech-icon Value Adding Local Ingredients, Food Pro, Sydney, Australia, 1999

food-tech-icon Frying Pulses, Dry Pea and Lentil Conference, Idaho, USA, 1999

food-tech-icon Advances in Seafood Processing, Innovations for Seafood, Gold Coast, 2000

food-tech-icon Coating Technology and Meat Science Papers, Training Conference, Heat and Control Pty Ltd, 1998

food-tech-icon Snackfood Training Program, Heat and Control Pty Ltd, 1997

food-tech-icon Flake Ice & Tube Ice and Its Effect on Temperature of Seafood during the Chilling Process, Asia Pacific Fishing Conference , 1997

food-tech-icon Technology involved in Chilling and Freezing food products, Heat and Control Pty Ltd, 1997

food-tech-icon Export Training Seminar- Oil Technology and methods of degradation, Heat and Control Pty Ltd, 1996

Food Tech Solutions can guide you through the food technology consulting process and help develop your food safety strategy.

Food Technologists Consultant servicing food and agri-businesses Australia wide, including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Gympie regions.