Sugar in food products

Consumers and Product developers are becoming more conscious of the percentage of sugar in food products. Alternatives to sugar are becoming more mainstream with developers endeavouring to reduce the amount of sugar in products. The demand for sugar has shown a decline in price over recent months, possibly because of sugar alternatives being utilised more in product development. The chart below show the reduction is price for sugar over recent months.

Retrieved on 9th July 2017; Reference: NASDAQ:

Nielson has also presented some key factors showing the global changes occurring in sugar including:

  • “2 out of 3 adults in the UK is overweight or obese and sugar is a key factor alongside lifestyle and lack of exercise.
  • Limiting sugar becomes UK number 1 concern.
  • Categories deemed “healthier’ such as cereal receive more negative press than those of confectionary.
  • Brands fight the obesity crisis with calorie caps and reformulation.
  • Retailers start making steps to reduce sugar consumption
  • Mexico launch sugar tax on soft drinks and see a 12% decrease in sales
  • UK sugar tax on soft drinks will be introduced in 2018.”

Retrieved on 9th July 2017; Reference: Nielson: